The evaluation and appraisal of investment opportunities or Housing Association mergers can be a complex and highly sensitive process. Failure to calculate accurately the risk adjusted value of a project or transaction can lead to faulty business decisions being made.

TradeRisks’ extensive modelling and analytics skills provide bespoke analysis that accurately measures the true costs and benefits of any prospective project, merger, acquisition, transfer or other transaction. There can be no ‘one size fits all’ approach and by catering each analysis to the client TradeRisks ensures that the analysis maximises its value rather than ticking a box.

In addition to the traditional measures of a project, there are also significant indirect financial analyses to be undertaken in the current environment. Where mergers or similar transactions are being contemplated it is important to be able to accurately model both the potential synergies and savings and the impact on existing loan agreements of both parties ensuring that if any debt re-pricing is triggered the transaction is still viable and positive.

As well as commercial and value drivers, a reorganisation of any kind can have substantial implications for the company or group’s debt portfolio. Through our in-depth knowledge of debt structures and lending agreements we assist clients in achieving the optimum restructure solution whilst avoiding any debt pitfalls that are often over-looked at the strategic level.