TradeRisks whole approach to business is founded on bringing together investors and borrowers in more efficient, transparent and cost effective ways. We provide advice and access to new and alternative investment opportunities, whether that is through innovative structures such as CPI linked bonds, derivative opportunities in markets historically the preserve of banks or access to private or illiquid debt issues.

As experts focused on structuring and executing bespoke, long dated and illiquid transactions, TradeRisks recognises the challenges that come with these opportunities. Currently investors are faced with the choice of investing considerable time and money in analysing borrowers and structures on a case by case basis, or missing investment opportunities in anything other than highly liquid and transparent markets. These often lack the right return characteristics to match investors’ liabilities.

We are able to structure debt as loans, private placements and public bonds, rated and unrated, to fit with investors’ preferences.

TradeRisks uses its expertise in analysing and structuring credit and its deep understanding of investor needs to bring debt investors the right credit in the right format, allowing them access to these less liquid markets efficiently.

As the capital markets evolve to include many more borrowers and asset types, and investors continue to seek investment opportunities to meet cash inflows and specific liability characteristics, TradeRisks sees an ever growing need for its services as a sophisticated, impartial and dedicated intermediary.

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