TradeRisks’ approach to business is founded on bringing together investors and borrowers in more efficient, transparent and cost effective ways. Through TRLX, we provide access to new and alternative investment opportunities, whether that is through innovative structures such as CPI linked bonds, derivative opportunities in markets historically the preserve of banks or access to private or illiquid debt issues.

TRLX promotes two core themes in the financial markets, namely (i) transparency and fair competition in the provision of OTC derivatives, and (ii) the creation of new non-bank channels for hedging.

TRLX is a market place created and managed by TradeRisks Limited. The TRLX platform provides hedging solutions to OTC derivative end users, such as housing, social infrastructure and essential service providers, seeking to exchange interest rate and inflation risks directly with institutional investors, such as pension funds and insurance companies.

TRLX also intermediates hedging transactions with banks with which borrowers have no lending “relationship”, i.e. no product tie-ins or bundling of loans and hedging.

TRLX is a registered trading name of TradeRisks Limited.