Housing & Social Infrastructure


Affordable housing providers and residential real estate investors and managers require a unique blend of investment, management, and funding skills to succeed in the market. We employ the same rigorous enterprise value framework whether we deal with commercial or not-for-profit enterprises, as we believe they differ only in the form in which they undertake dividends/distributions. We offer expert advice, analytical tools, and sophisticated solutions.


Health and care homes providers face new challenges as Governments around world implement swingeing spending cuts and increasingly expect the private and not-for profit sectors to assume traditionally public sector roles. We provide expert financial and risk management advice and prepare these clients to fund themselves independent of governments.


The education sector faces a degree of uncertainty given the current debate over funding mechanisms and availability. Universities in particular, also enjoy a degree of flexibility and autonomy to manage their finances outside of the traditional funding mechanisms through endowment funds, property development, student accommodation and partnerships. We offer financial and risk management advice around these activities and access to private finance.

Solutions for housing and social infrastructure providers include: