About TradeRisks: League Table Rankings
About TradeRisks: League Table Rankings
Arlington Investors borrow £75.2m from capital market investors to support student accommodation acquisitions
Arlington Investors borrow £75.2m from capital market investors to support student accommodation acquisitions
TradeRisks advises on £120 million deferred bond
TradeRisks advises on £120 million deferred bond

The Derivatives Resolution Team

Jon Slater

Jon Slater, TradeRisks’ joint Chief Executive, joined the company in February 2011 from JP Morgan where he was Managing Director and Global Head of Structured Credit Trading, renewing a long-standing working relationship with Alex Pilato. The two previously worked together at JP Morgan from 1989, and also from 1997 at Tokai Bank Europe. Jon Slater subsequently re-joined JP Morgan in 2000 where he spent the next 11 years developing and leading its Structured Credit Trading business. Jon Slater is an experienced structured derivatives trader and has a wealth of experience on risk management, benchmarking and performance measurement. Jon is the Compliance Officer for TradeRisks Limited.

Suzanne McKie QC

Suzanne McKie QC has practised as a barrister for over 20 years. She specialises in commercial litigation. As part of our in house team Suzanne is able to advise on each and every step in the process of resolving claims involving market abuse, mis-selling, front-running, mis-representation, fraudulent activity, conspiracy, manipulation of the market, conflicts of interest and other misconduct, as well as the consequences including rescission of the agreement and claims for damages. She can further manage negotiations relating to the potential legal proceedings, draft the appropriate legal documents and pleadings, appoint any experts and advise generally on any litigation process, arbitration or mediation process.

Examples of matters Suzanne has advised or acted in recently include:

  • High Court litigation in 2015 involving a portfolio property company alleging collusion, mis-representation and front-running giving rise to claim for rescission of swaps transactions
  • High Court litigation in 2015 involving a claim relating to mis-selling and Libor manipulation, giving rise to a claims for restitution, damages and a declaration.
  • High Court litigation in 2015 brought by US hedge fund operating a fund of funds against a UK trading house for fraudulent activity, bad faith, conspiracy and gross negligence.
  • High Court litigation in 2014 against investment bank and its employees claiming damages and account of profits arising from breach of duty, negligence and LIBOR and ISDAfix manipulation by traders.

Michael Woodman

Michael is a qualified solicitor, having trained and qualified at Sidley Austin LLP in London where, after completing his training, he practised in the Debt Capital Markets department. Michael has considerable derivatives experience co-managing TradeRisks’ derivatives platforms and helping TradeRisks structure and advise on interest rate and inflation swaps. Michael is also responsible for the review and interpretation of ISDA documentation in relation to derivatives resolution. Michael is Company Secretary for the TradeRisks Group.

Antoine Pesenti

Antoine Pesenti is head of Trading and Risk Management at TradeRisks. He is an expert in long dated and exotic derivatives. While at TradeRisks Antoine has advised on and managed the restructuring and termination of c. £5bn of swap transactions, leading the negotiation with counterparties on behalf of clients to generate significant savings against bank calculated valuations.